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Saturday, January 17, 2009

{♫time's a bitch&moving too fast♫}

"and we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden aren't we?"

see? we're so awesome(:

talking about sibling relationships, today (im gonna rant about it later)was sec4 scbt farewell:D so we met peifen's brother at waffletown, dunno why she said that they don't acknowledge each other, even at home -.-" had a hard time making her ask her brother to take a group pic of us LOL. if i see MY brother outside, i'd definitely HUG HIM:D regardless where HAHAHAHS. LOVE YOU MAN, AWESOMEST KOR.


oh btw, when i blog sth is like one day i write sth then another i write again so sometimes the sequencing mite be abit weird or like i might be talking about different days hahahs. SORRY.




wahahah me&my obscene shirt!!! -.-"
okay this is my first time to waffletown w00tz:DDD

me&elena shared fish&chips&it was our lunch because afterwards we were gonna crash at joe's uncle's condo to do up the gifts for the sec4s. we were having potluck for dinner(: &its not the ooh-its-potluck-but-everyone-brings-chips-kinda-crap but its the REAL DEAL okay! &chev's potato saladdd was DAMN YUMMY.

okay so we were doing up the gifts...

then some of us got bored...

so we went out to stretch our sexy legs...

(the debut of za, peifen&minky:D --- during this time, the rest of us were inside&we could hear peifen SCREAMING like siao LOLZ, damn funny.)

ruoning+anna+me decided to WORK IT OUT when we just died from sch training that morning ._." -> minky&her handy cam.

the senior's shot in the sauna HAHAHS.



yin's CRAZEYEEE FEAT!!! hahahs. we were all trying afterwards. then there was a birthday party going on in one of the function rooms by some residents&they were staring at us like WTF!? LOL. cuz we were like swinging up and down the monkey bar ><" then we went back... DAMN TIRED. the others tried to lock us out, so me&yinyin climbed into the balcony and banged on the glass doors LOL!!! hahahahs then peifen tried to fake that the sec4 seniors came but it was sooo FAKE HAHAHS. but of course we all crashed in in the end anw... >8)

got pretty bored so joe TURNED ON GUITAR HERO: WORLD TOUR FOR US!!!:DDD OMFGWTF IT WAS DAMN FUN OKAY!!! we were like belting out beat it, hotel california&what i've done etcetc. cuz no one could keep up with misery business so me&yin grabbed the mike&were like SCREAMING THE LYRICS. minky&eliza were like yelling no sleep till brooklyn&cuz they dunno the lyrics they just anyhow say shit HAHAHAHS. everyone failed like the first few tries to even finish the song&joanna was damn irritated cuz she really wanted to finish singing beat it HAHAHAHS. OWNAGEEE♥♥♥

(the stoner elena)


IT WAS DAMN AWESOME OKAYS!!!??? looooooooooove you all sec4 seniors!!! KEEP IN TOUCH&ALL THE BEST IN LIFE♥♥♥



to miranda lie!!! YOU ARE MY BEST SENIOR BESTIE (or sb/snowboarder:DDD). HAHAHS.

&i promise i will TRY not to call you this!!! HAHAHS. LOVE YOUUU(:



hooking up after invest rehearsal before WALKING to united square.

YES, we WALKED from scgs to united square. BECAUSE MELLA 2 (mel+ella!!! im mella 1:DDD) wanted to lose weight. stupid ella. HAHAHS. at least we had lotta stupid pixxx on the way. &we were like singing out two board songs&random others like love story by taylor swift&i cant rmb what HAHAHS. at least we stopped when there were ppl passing by hahhas later they think we from mental hospital. incidentally thats our prefects' theme this year!!! - MAD: Making A Difference. but more about that later...

SO DAMN TIRED... hahahs. when we reached, some of us bought minimelts - all the calories burnt earn back again lorh!!! HAHAHS. then we all went to pizza hut because we reserved a spot for the SPECIAL SCPB(:

got bored waiting so...

did try some jump shots but failed so miserably and so DAMN UNGLAM that i dont tink its worth posting hehehs :XXX.
&because i missed tll (cuz i used to go there:DDD THE LEARNING LAB) me&junny made a trip up to look around&we realised thery plonked a NEOPRINTS machine on that level in the middle of nowhere LOL. we wanted to go ask some of the PB to come up to take together but then we met peiyi&kiran while going down. cuz to lazy&full to walk back to pizza hut the 4 of us just crashed in. TRIED TO DECIPHER THE JAPANESE TO FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH ($8 - pretty cheap) &using my "pro-ness" from third lang, finally managed to squeeze in a few shots.

got others... but i lazy upload hehehs.



omg the chapter ended so sadly... SOBBB. i dont wanna watch the anime!!! chev said she cried LOLS... i THINK im made of tougher stuff but i dont wanna... xDDD anw i started watching ouran's anime hahas. FINALLY.



DADDY+MOMMY+ME went for last-min cny shopping at j8@the same time visit bishan loft&check out the new appartment. oh yeah anyone want parties can ask me!!! even though i dont live there but my dad owns an apartment so can use facilities...

today supposed to go montfort training but then never -.-" SIGHS. competition starts after cny!!! i'll be fat like a pig then lorh... ZZZ.

okay so anw we bought hefty load of shit&we were like lugging it around j8 like some idiots x.x then i met denyse and sarah!!! YEP OUR AWESOME SEC4'08 SENIORS!!! i tink they had some jc badminton gathering or sth...

sighs then have to wait in the hot sun while my dad went for the car STILL parked at bishan loft.


OUR PROPAGANDA SONG [as done by the AWESOME FOURSOME: alifa, jes, renee&mel<3]

Verse 1 (hot&cold - katy perry):

'cuz its hot then its cold,
we've done nothing, no,
the teacher's boring,
i feel like sleeping.

Verse 2 (same song):

my friend's are talking,
its so annoying,
i wanna shout out,
i needa get out.

Verse 3 (shut up - simple plan)

so shut (x3)
don't wanna hear you.
get out (x3)
don't wanna see you~~~ (hum the rihanna tune)

Verse 4 (live your life - t.i. ft. rihanna)

we're gonna be free,
we can eat,
we can sleep,
we can haha.

we can play,
we can slack,
that's the fact.


it was on being stuck in a classroom all day HAHAHHAS. ying ling's group was about smoking and they did SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. SO COOl. hahahs "NO!NO!NO!" michelle's group used shut up and let me go so damn funny. BUT TERRI'S ONE STILL OWNED SHIT MAN. sth about fats one... hahahs i promise to find out&post next post... which might be forever actually -.-" ZZZ. butbutbut i wanna post the new year party pix&tns pix so wont be long lah... i guess. teeheex.


KIRAN KIRAN KIRAN!!! kudos to you!!! hahahahahs. theCOOLSbook.


someone seriously needs to give me this... (taken from jes' blog) HINT HINT LOL. hehehs :X

eh who going tns on wed 9-ish??? PLEASE TELL ME!!! HEHEHEHS. hang out hang out:D


Wish I could shut my playboy mouth, oh oh oh-oh
How'd I turn my shirt inside out? Inside outright
Control your poison babe, roses have thorns they say
And we're all getting hosed tonight, oh oh oh-oh
What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, a-alright

Just Dance Lady Gaga ft. Akon and Colby O'Donis

i love you endlessly.
4:55 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

awesome siblings


♥teeheex. sleepyhead. PIG. i love my brother.♥


{NO BALLS, JUST COCKS - scbadminton}

"i'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door"

i have finally decided to organise my blog data ._." its like everytime i wanan blog about sth, then i'll forget. so the idea now is (my AWESOME idea, do clap for me) i'll just type the topic at the top of each section and think about it thouroughly:DDD hahahs. okay im so crapping.

&bruce, do stop saying my msn display names are controversial ><"

&chevelle, LOVE YOU.

&kor, LOVE YOU.

&chelsea (the p6 one)+ j. wong. MUAHAHAHS (chev you should geddit >8)) wth is johnny wong lah!!! lame shizz lohs. HAHAHS.

&i wanna slap someone. HMPH.

-random retardism ends here-


ok lets see what happened recently...

MRS WONG'S QUOTABLE QUOTES: "hit to no-man's land..."

AH YES THE CSC KASON HAHAHS. LMAO that one was so bloody hilarious. okay we made it to the top 16 or sth before being kicked out by indonesian doubles. they beat siewyun&ana (our pro singles players ._.")&some more become champion just yesterday against shu xian&yvonne i tink.

1st round: we VS fairfield methodist --- yep won. &the uber laughable shiz is that before each game must take picture HAHAHS. mie&chev were like trying to smile properly but burst out laughing like when the cam flashed. so our picture effing unglam okay!!! im not gonna post it. FUGLINESS ALERT LORH. oh but the first match was pissing off too lah!!! think about it wanna kick someone down the stairs&break neck ><" violence violence. cuz on that day, chev&i dunno wat happened lah, i tink screwed up in the head, we performed quite badly although we won. then the parents of the fairfield girls were sitting behind chev's parents.

THEN THE MOTHER WAS LIKE (sth liddat): how come scgs girls so lousy wan? i thought the standard was higher; these two must be reserves.

I MEAN WTF!? wtf wtf wtf!!!??? i feel like strangling something.


walao luhs!!! so bloody insulting. oh i just realised the guy in red i saw yesterday during keats training was that WOMAN's son. sighs... im so pissed off. BUMMED.

2nd round: against xinmin sec2s. won too. but also bloody screwed up. dunno why lah, mebbe not used to the court. hahahs. okay lame excuse x.x so cuz we won then we needed to stay back for line-judging. the game we line-judged were doubles big guys from ang mo kio sec&2 foreign imports. very exciting match lah, but its was night so when me&chev found out got rubble (spelling?) set, we were like AWWW SHIT, *YAWN*...

i was sitting on the chair where all the ang mo kio cheerers are. &they were talking lotta hilarious shit. LMAO. so anw, the foreign imports won. &the ppl were clapping after the match cuz it was good play. so i was walking across the court to get to my bags&then everyone was clapping so i was like err... ><" should have done president wave luhs!!! ^^

3rd round: where we got owned by indo doubles. xDDD the score is 不可以见人 one lorh. SIGHS.

hahahs i saw huiyu!!!:D omg shes effing tall okay! i used to be taller than her T.T hahahs no offense though, she's an awesomeeeee swimmer. LOVE YOU(: also saw javier&hanzkor&reuben(spelling?) hmm i waved to tns coachie lai&her son. she recognised me YAY(:


that jamie&his partner: CHAMPIONS:D luckily luhs... or else mr wong will be pissed the next training&give us killer stuff to do.

nowadays, training is like ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES of footwork and physical, then gameplay or drills THEN physical a the end. im like so diededdd aldy luh. from last sat until this sun i have to go for training continuously... except a break on tues. sighs.

2 pix taken after training one day. CHEVELLE!!! i will miss you when ur off at taiwan... LMAO. MISS OUR BITCHING AROUND ON SUNDAYS&PHONE SPAMMAGE. hahahahs. ilyily:D

Odyssey of The Mind (OM)
that's one of our sec2 projects. chev, addy, jocelyn, ruo ning, elena&tann wei got together to do that. the chosen product will go present it at acsi. CHEV ADMITTED THAT'S THE REASON: "no matter what, we must get chosen, then i wanna go acsi" but not to see hot guys lah
HAHAHAS. to see her brother train for RUGBY lmao. if u dunno wat the shit is OM, go check it out - http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/materials/2009problems.php.
so actually we were supposed to meet MONTHS ago to do that. but then always procrastinate luhs!!! hahahs. we finally managed to get together on thursday@jocelyn's house, cept for elena&tann wei. LIKE FINALLY!!! hahahas.
rn, addy, chev&me went for extra training in the morning to "help" our juniors in the pri. div. hahahs. kah yeen said we definitely gotta do some tiring shit, so we purposely go distract mrs wong&talk to her. BUT THEN MR WONG SUDDENLY INTERRUPT US AND GO ASK US RUN TEN ROUNDS AT THE BLOODY TRACK -.-" sianz. &today i ran 10rounds again. sighs.
so after training we bathed at school then went to sushi tei@serangoon gardens. actually there was a free table on the second level but chev WANTED to sit next to the conveyor belt, so in the end we waiting 30min. LMAO. yeah and while waiting for our food we were bitching damn loudly in the restaurant. xDDD THANKS JOCELYN'S MAMA FOR TREATING US.
shit luhs, the unagi bone got stuck in my throat luh, then i spent the rest of my lunch drinking tea -.- THE HELL LOLS.
we took a bus back to joc's house. in her room got two low steps up to her bed then i didn't see i whacked my feet twice on the bloody stair -.- now got big pain blue-black. GRRR. chev started playing pet society after a while ._." so actually in the end we only decided on what question to do. LOLLLS. so we just slacked&bitched about.
cuz then we started talking about jason&i was like EWW, chevelle go say: "eh don't liddat, girl, later jason'll be your first boyfriend." LIKE WTH!? impossible shit... eeps. ><"

we FINALLY got addy&rn to get in the picture -.-" lmao mie&chev fat face hahahs. so sad joc didnt go in...



this kinda happened long ago -.-" but i just kept never blogging about it hahahs. i read finish WANTED(: also by matsuri hino... i wished she would continue it - it's only one volume. she said she couldn't cuz she gotta start with vampire knight. HAHAHS. wanted is AWESOME(: (that's the tattoo on captain scar's chest. it's a PIRATE story:D)

oh&there's this short story behind the book. i like the main male character hahahs. i dunno if the englishh title is spring brings sakura blossoms (from the book chev lent me) or this:

which reminds me of vampire knight!! LOL i can't wait for the next chapter GRRR... &i finally continued watching the anime. i waited sooo long because i wanted to watch alot at a go hahahs.

draw until FREAKING NICE!!!:D i love matsuri hino, manz♥



YEPPPS. u all noe i went to china from 28 nov to 2 dec(: (really says sth about me that i waited until now to post)

the random things that happened

1) on a trishaw ride, me&kor were UBER BORED so we created this: OMFGROFLOLFMAOWTHWTFQTFTWTFBBQ:DDD
try guesssing wat it stands for HAHAHAHS. &we can pronounce it LOL. like the whole thing. hahahs. so retard.

2) one day me&leo were talking shit in the car, then i was telling him about visiting gideon when he broke his leg. i wanted to say "we bought him the all-american rejects album" but i went and said: "we bought him this album lah: some rejected americans" ROFL WTF. HAHAHS. okay sorry, that was lame. dunno lah, my brain was spacing out i guess -.-"

3) while ascending/descending the great wall i was freaking scared to look UP. u noe why!? cuz when i look down i see beautiful scenery, then i look up i imagine all the peeps rolling down&crushing me ><" YOU CAN'T BLAME MY RETARDISM OKAY! there were this random ppl JUMPING down the steps&some women wearing BOOTS (idk why!?) - so very unsteady lorh.

4) i BROKE my specs while sleeping on the return flight ._." i have no idea how. it is now superglued:D idk if can survive until next year manz...

okay i won't crap much (because too lazy hehehs), so just some pictures. not all, because im really pig-ed.

in plane(:

leo with a retarded expression.
i actually wanted to take the flowers... but a family shot is just as good too!!!:D pity about the flowers being blocked though x.x
some jade shop... look at the price tag ahahahs.
this thing is NASTY. its so full of alcohol, i almost died after drinking a SIP.
korkor's OKAY(: pretty sunlight.
hotel room... &that's the ting (long johns) i gotta wear inside at ALL times. so its like.. FOUR LAYERS.
look like fat dumpling.
the first GW post(:
this steps are FREAKING steep okay... almost vertical.
shadow shot(: then my dad thought we were posing for his camera and he took us posing for my hp shadow shot ._." lmao. unglam picture, that was. (hey, yoda lang LOL)



some time ago, becky celebrated her bdae with the scbt sec ones(: sadly some of them couldnt go because they had cheers singles at that time.

the itinerary was like swimming at jurong in the morning, lunch at jurong point, then movie. i didn't go for the swimming so i turned up for lunch at jp. (that's cuz my dad said i couldnt go wave pool, lazy river AND pools with the water height over my head - so like wth, i said might as well just don't go?) WE ATE PIZZA:DDD yummmm. becky treated us(:


afterwards, pei&yin left together cuz they were pretty tired from all that swimming. &becuz pei had a concert to attend at night. WHILE I WAS HYPER xDDD okay so the rest of us pigged out on some oreo mcflurry then go watch wild child. BUT THEN NO WILD CHILD): so we ended up picking bolt instead. hahahs quite hilarious. ALTHOUGH CHEVELLE KEPT FALLING ASLEEP ON MY SHOULDER HAHAHS. also lent her my jacket. lmao no wonder so cozy. but she wasted her ten bucks lorh. ITS SO FRIGGING EX OKAYY!!! because it was public hols (hari raya)&no student discount so they charged us $10. should have just popped down to cine then later can take neoprints too... :/

but THANKS SO MUCH BECKY(: wonderful day, that was. (im so fond of talking in yoda<3)



my dog is just so awesome!!! I LOVE YOU.


random shit.

okay one day i went to visit jonathan's blog&i learnt a new word:DDD
"SPASTARDED"or sth. HAHAHAHS. uber retarding around lehs:DDD


I gotta check into rehab, 'cause baby you're my disease
Damn, ain't it crazy when you're loveswept
You'll do anything for the one you love 'cause anytime
That you needed me, I'd be there, It's like you were my favorite drug
The only problem is that you was using me
In a different way that I was using you
But now that I know that it's not meant to be
You gotta go
I gotta wean myself off of you

Rehab Rihanna

i love you endlessly.
3:21 PM